Just a quick link, with some relevance for the social media a-c agenda


thrown by our colleague alan, this link points to the Bank’s interest in projects linking ICT and governance. could be a good opportunity for anti-corruption csos in francophone africa to partner in going mobile. it’s posted on frontline sms’ webpage, an interesting tool that has already been applied promisingly by a number of ngos in the broader governance field for election monitoring, e.g. in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. some general background on mobile election monitoring is available here. it will be very interesting to see what the potential of this technology is with regard to mobilisation against corruption, and – dare we hope – its prevention.

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One Response to “Just a quick link, with some relevance for the social media a-c agenda”

  1. Bimal P. Koirala Says:

    Although transparency, accountablity, and rule of law are the pillars of good governance, universalizing governance practices is very difficult. A country must devise its own modality. The universal prescription has failed. The LDCs suffer more if they copy the practices from developed world. The photocopying of “Washington Consensus” is a glaring example.
    Of course, good governance is the basic pre-requisite of development. Let the people decide on modality. The imposed procedures may produce good results in paper but in reality, it produces worse results.
    Take an example of community owned and operated irrigation versus government designed and operated irrigation system in Nepal. The community collects water fee based on actual use of water. The collection is 100% whereas government collects on the basis of size of land- the compliance is weak. The community ensures water for every users whereas the government provides to the influential landlord. The community repairs and maintains the system on time whereas the government waits for budget release. Moreover, the bureaucratic formalities are cumbersome to maintain the so called transparency and accountability.

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