Blogging from Buenos Aires


Hello Folks!

Sorry for not having been able to contribute to this blog till now, but we are about to meet in Athens and I am looking forward to it!

I am sure we will be discussing interesting topics at the panel and that all our experiences from different countries will help us to develop more and better work back home.

I wanted to present one blog I’ve been managing lately: Latinoamérica por la Transparencia (only Spanish!). It was built as a “making of” for TILAC’s Regional Programme on Anti-Corruption Conventions. This time we used the traditional way of “journey diary” to tell the readers what was going with the project in the countries we were visiting. I´ll be talking about it a little bit on our panel.

And… here is a personal note… on Wednesday my colleague and I won an award for Plaza Pública the Blog we manage at Clarín newspaper. It is a two-year old blog on citizen participation. Although now a days it is not very active, we are very proud of the prize because this means that citizen activism is gaining a place in the cyber space!

See you in Athens!

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