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It´s so easy to support a cause now! Is that really good?

16 October 2008

Yesterday, at the We Media meeting here in Buenos Aires, a friend told me that all of us gathered there were enthusiasts who believed that technology could help us transform the oh-so-horrible world we live in. “Otherwise, we wouldn´t be here”, he said matter-of-factly.

And, of course, I agreed. (That tends to happen when the person speaking to you is your friend and does it so matter of factly).

But on my way home I couldn´t stop thinking about all the causes I have joined since Facebook came out. I am a supporter of CHINAR (a really neat NGO that works with orphan children in conflict areas, such as Kashmir), “Ni un joven con su identidad cambiada” (a group that works to find the true identity of children unlawfully taken from their parents and given to adoption during the Argentina´s dictatorship), and Sierras Protegidas YA, an ecologist movement that protects mountains).

In most cases, I have joined because I have friends who promote these causes (or friends of friends, or friends of family members, and so on). On top of that, supporting is effortless, and penny-less. And it looks good on my public profile, and it makes me feel good about myself.

Where is my commitment? Does my support end with a (dollar-less) click? Or is this symbolic support really contributing to raise awareness of these issues? I don´t have any answers yet, and would love to hear ideas from you! I have a feeling that if social media is to contribute to change the world, I am going to have to do more than click…click…click…